Make a Reservation

Book an appointment in our photo studio and come enjoy a maze of photo worthy exhibits to enjoy with your friends and family! Click below to view our available time slots.


Mon-Thurs $22 per person
Friday & Sunday $33 per adult & $22 per student/child under 12
Saturday $35 per adult/$25 per student/child under 12


A reservation is not required, but encouraged. This ensures we can fit in your group at the time you want to visit us. This also makes your check in process faster. 

We do! However, it is $5 additional per person if you choose to pay at the door. Another reason to make a reservation.

Not necessarily. With general admission, we allow up to 25 guests per time slot. Depending on your group size, the 25 guests could be a combination of your group and a few other groups at the same time. We manage capacity so that everyone can enjoy the space without waiting to take pictures at any given selfie station.

However, if you would like to have the studio to yourselves, then you can book our private reservation option. 

Technically no. You can stay as long as you want while we are open so the earlier you book, the longer you can stay. Most people spend at least an hour at the studio.

If you make a reservation and need to change it, you can! Just give us a call and we will move things around for you. You are not locked into the time slot you initially booked.

We do not do refunds. If you make a reservation and don’t use the tickets, we can reschedule for a future date. Unused tickets never expire. 

We do have an option to purchase ticket insurance which will make your reservation fully refundable if you would like. This is perfect for if you are visiting from out of town and not sure when you want to come.